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TDD is a new casual combat RPG with hundreds of monsters to hunt and collect!

It is currently available free for download on the Apple app store in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.


Play as different heroes as you explore dangerous and

attractive dungeons using dice! Yes, dice. By using

and customizing your own unique dice sets, you can

attack enemy monsters.

Play loads of special levels to encounter and capture

your very own pet monsters to help you in your

quests! Build the perfect strategy by ultilizing

different elemental monsters against those of the

opposite elements.

Battle others in the Multiplayer Arena to test your

party's strength! Steal opponents' trophies while your

at it just because YOU CAN!

What's an RPG without EPIC BOSS FIGHTS! The stakes

are high as these bosses challenge you in a battle to

the death! You will be kept on your toes as you fight

through each of them in the game of survival.





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