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Hey there adventures of Tiny Dice Dungeon! Here you will learn a few tips and tricks to making your dungeon exploring easier.

Good luck and Godspeed!


Table of Contents:

- Monster Catching

- Advancing Levels

- Earning Money

- Leveling Monsters

- Type of Dice

- Multiplayer


1. Upgrading Permanent Monster Upgrade

On finding the shopkeeper, the Monster Catcher will be unlocked. There is two things in the shop you'd want to pay attention to for monster catching. The Monster Catcher itself and the Monster Catcher Power boost.

250 gold

The Monster Catcher is a temporary item that last a whole dungeon run.

It allows you to subdue monsters even if you were to overroll it. The amount you are allowed to overroll is dependant on the power of the Monster Catcher Power Boost.

1000+ gold

The Monster Catcher Power Boost is a permanent item.

Though costly, its a worthy investment for allowing you to subdue monsters with ease. If your Monster Catcher Power Boost is level 7, it allows you to overroll a monster by 7!

One should always remember to rent the Monster Catcher at the train shop just before a dungeon if you do not want to miss out on the chances of catching rare monsters!

2. Equipping Right Dice

To have more control over the damage values you roll, you have to make sure your party is well prepared! One way is to make sure you carry the optimum dice sets while on the dungeon run.

You might want to avoid carrying too many Attack Multiplier dice or Poison dice on your run as those dice are focused on creating high damage values, making the dice rolls very unpredictable with high tendacies to overroll.

Try to avoid powerful dice sets like these unless you're out to eliminate everything in your path!

To ensure survivibility, you should also try equipping one or two Health dice. There's no point in trying to catch monsters if you cannot survive to the end!

The ideal dice set for catching monsters is one where you have more control over your rolls.

3. Items/Elemental Damage

Items may be useful for killing monsters, but maybe not so for subduing. Be careful and aware of the damage multiplier at the top right during dungeon runs. Elemental monsters also might affect the resulting value of damage rolls. Be sure to equip the right pets into the hunt!

4. Capture Dice

That feeling when you managed to subdue a monster but couldn't catch it because of its high capture value.. Always be prepared to catch rare and powerful monsters by constantly exchanging left over dice shards for capture dice. As your heroes or monsters gain levels, the number of capture dice they can carry increases. When catching a monster, the total of all the capture dice in your hero AND your equipped monsters are used.


Advancing Levels

1. Items/Elemental Damage

Starting to feel the pressure when advancing levels? Equipping items are one way to make your life easier. Items can be equipped after meeting the nerdy kid npc. Items can give bonus damage/heals/defence to every type of character depending on its stats. Damage bonuses can go all the way up to 50% so keep farming dungeons to find the best items for your characters!

Items can be easily found in treasure chests at the end of a level so a good way to farm better items is to complete dungeons when your stamina is full. They are also occasionally dropped by monsters if you're lucky.

Useful Hints: If you have an item that decreases your normal attacks for defence, equip them to elemental or poison monsters as they do not have to suffer the negative effects while enjoying the increased defence!


If you are having difficulties advancing through the elemental areas, try catching a monster of the opposite element and bringing them into battle with you. If an enemy monster is weak against your monster, not only do they do half damage against your monster, but your monsters also attacks with 2X the damage towards them!

2. Revisiting Old Levels

Sometimes it is difficult to clear the dungeon because your level just isn't high enough. Take the time to revisit old and easier levels to level up your heroes and monsters. Leveling up your characters will give an instant increase in health and possibly unlock slot or better dice for you to equip. On more detailed tips on leveling characters, please scroll to the Leveling Characters section.

Useful Hints: If you complete dungeons while having stamina, you will gain a considerable amount of XP as compared to when you don't.

3. Catching Better Monsters

Some species of monsters are stronger than others. If you have difficulty with a level, it may be advisable to hunt for a stronger monster to bring along with you. The higher the capture value of a monster, the better its potential allowing it to have better and more dice to unlock eventually. Play around with different types of monsters to find one that suits you the best!

4. Phoenix Ups

Levels are a breeze when you are well stocked with Phoenix Ups. Phoenix Ups allows immediate revival in-game. Stocking up on Phoenix Ups in the train shop will prove to be useful in tight situations.



1. Capture and/or Releasing Monsters

One fast way to earn money fast other than opening treasure chests is to catch more monsters! Its that simple. Even if you have no back-up slots available, the caught monster will burst into coins and you will also be able collect its monster data. If you DO have empty monster slots, releasing them will also earn you more coins and if you're lucky, other goodies too. Releasing higher level monsters will results in higher chances of more loot it drops.

2. Risky Dice and Overrolls

High risk equals to high rewards! With the Risky Dice, the more consecutive successful throws, the more payout you get. You can also get more coins when overrolling a monster. The more damage you overroll a monster with, the more valuable the loot it drops!

Useful Hints: Challenge yourself by first reducing a monster's health to near death, then overrolling by a high value during your next turn for greater loot drops, coins and health!



1. Monster Enhancing

An easy way of leveling your monsters is to use the Monster Enhance system. Any monster DNA that you have collected before can be used as XP for your pet monsters. The Monster Enhance system also allows for the increase of the cap on the maximum level of your pet monsters when a monster DNA of the same species is used on it.

Useful Hints: Monster Enhancing system is best used on low level pets. If you just caught a new pet monster, its best to enhance it a few times before bringing it into battle.


2. XP Focus/XP Shield

By using XP Focus, you can level up the lowest level monster in your party in a flash! It transfers all the XP earned by the party during the dungeon to one single character. The XP Shield will prevent your monsters from getting no XP at the end of the dungeon if they did not survive, a worthy affordable insurance.



There are many different types of dice in the world of Tiny Dice Dungeon. Here's a quick introduction to the different categories of dice.

Note: There are more dice that are not shown here. This is a just a quick overview to give you guys out there an understanding of the common dice types. Cheers! :)


Attacks with normal damage. Rolling a 1 results in losing your turn.

Greater Than

These dice attack with normal damage greater than the stated value. The example shown on the left is 'Greater Than 1' meaning dice roll result will be 2-6.


Value result from rolling health dice will regenerate as health. Rolling a 1 will NOT result in losing your turn.

Self Multiplier

These dice attack with a total damage of the multiplier, multiplied by the rolled value. The example on the left will give a result of 2X5 = 10 damage. Rolling a 1 results in losing your turn.


These dice only works when paired with dice that deal normal damage. It relies on the roll result of the normal dice and multiplies that with its own roll value. Rolling a 1 will NOT result in losing your turn.


Attacks with poison damage. Rolling a 1 results in losing your turn.




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