Introduction to Tiny Dice Dungeon

Table of contents:

- Attacking

- Monster Catching

- Dice Crafting

- Shop

- Items

- Stamina

- Risky Dice

- Fast Forward

- Elements

- Multiplayer

  • Tap the dice to build up your attack power.
  • Roll as many times as you want before pressing the attack button. However, if you roll a one the active character will skip their turn.
  • When a character's health reaches zero they will be incapacitated.
  • The goal of the game is to defeat all the enemy monsters within a dungeon before they defeat you.
  • If you roll over an enemy's health, the extra damage will be returned to you as health.

  • In Single Player you can catch any monster and add them to your party.
  • When there is only one enemy monster left, a roll target will be displayed above their head. If you roll the exact value, the monster will be subdued.
  • If you use a monster catcher device you can roll more than the target value. Be sure to upgrade the monster catcher to increase the range you can roll and still capture the monster.
  • Once a monster is subdued,Capture Mini-Game starts. Each monster have a capture value dependant on its species. To capture it, you'd have to roll the total of ALL of your capture dice, including those of your pet monsters. If the value you rolled is greater than the monster's capture value, you capture the monster and it goes into your inventory (or becomes loot if you have no monster slots left).

On the example on the left, the opponent monster has a capture dice count of 2. The total capture value of all monsters are (capture dice count) x 4, allowing this particular monster to have 2 x 4 = 8 capture value.

Throwing a total of more than 8 using your capture dice will capture the monster.

  • In the Capture Mini-Game, on throwing 6s, allows you to accumulate more capture points by letting you roll again. Increase the chances of capturing rare monsters by getting more capture dice in the character screen.
Rolling 6s allows the dice to be rolled again.


  • Every hero and every monster has access to a different set of dice (we're all unique snowflakes).
  • As you grow in power, you'll unlock recipes to craft new and powerful dice. You can access the crafting screen from clicking the dice from the character/monster customization screen.
  • After the Diceologist is unlocked, he'll build you new dice if you have a recipe and the right Dice Shards. Need more Dice Shards? Then smash Uncut Dice into Shards.

  • Once you rescue the shopkeeper, he'll join you on the train to sell you useful items that will help in battle.

    • Experience Boosts: Gives 150%, 200% or 300% XP to level up your characters faster.
    • Experience Shields: To ensure you don't lose experience if you or one of your monsters dies in battle.
    • Experience Focus: To help level up your new monsters by funneling all experience earned onto the weakest member of your party.
    • Phoenix Ups: Revive you during battle, you can invest (permanently) in Phoenix Ups so they revive you with more HP.
    • Monster Catcher: Enables you to be able roll over a monster's health and still capture it (assuming you have enough capture dice). You can invest (permanently) to raise the effectivness of the monster catcher.

  • You know all the crazy things that keep showing up in chests and exploding from enemies? Yeah, they're useful. Once you get deeper into the game, you'll unlock the ability to equip items to your heroes and monsters in order to augment their powers.
  • Once you equip an item (up to 4), you can see how it impacts your stats. In battle, it'll also show in the Damage Multiplier box in the upper right.
  • Access the items screen through the bottom of character/monster customization screen.

  • Adventuring is hard. The longer you play, the more difficult it is to capture monsters and collect treasure. In fact, your arms will be too tired to open treasure chests, subdue monsters, or even adventure into new areas.
  • You can explore old areas again, but you'll earn less experience points.
  • You can spend some Uncut Dice to speed up your rest time and get back to full speed immediately.
  • Or, you can wait for your Stamina to refill over time too.

  • Battling monsters is like gambling. The more damage you try to do, the riskier things get. So, the universe wants to reward you for your risks and you'll earn extra coins the more dice you roll.
  • Roll 1 and all is lost! Its all or nothing!

  • Tap the Fast Forward button in the upper right corner that appears during opponent's turn to expedite the it's turn and move on. This can be turned on or off at any time.

  • You've played paper, rock, scissors... right? Well Tiny Dice Dungeon features powerful monsters that have a similar effect.
  • Water gets bonus damage over Fire, Earth gets bonus damage over Water, and Fire does bonus damage on Earth.
  • Many monsters throughout the world are linked to these elements, so plan your dice and your monster party accordingly. Refer to the Damage Multiplier in the upper right during dungeons for reference.

  • Everyone can capture monsters and win a few battles, but who's the best of the best? Once you're ready, step into the Multiplayer Arena to compete with real players for who's the best of the best.
  • When you win a battle, you win Trophy Dice. And the more Trophy Dice you have, the higher you'll climb in the leaderboards and the more fame you'll gain.
  • To win the most Trophy Dice from your enemies, you must crack their treasure chests by breaking the locks. Good luck!
Break lock by fulfilling conditions in the red box. Conditions differ in each battle.
  • Revenge battles

    • Sooner or later, someone's going to beat you. When they do, they run off with your Trophy Dice. But don't worry. You'll get a notification that your Trophy Dice have been stolen, and you'll get the opportunity to get your Revenge (and your Dice). When someone's taken your dice, look for the Revenge button in the battle listings.







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